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Greening Initiatives

Kettunen Center is committed to preserving our environment and is a certified Green Lodging Steward in the Green Lodging Michigan Program.

Environmental stewardship has been a strong focus of Kettunen Center for some time. Since its beginning, Kettunen Center has focused on environmental stewardship and preservation. When Kettunen Center opened in 1961 as the first 4-H volunteer and youth training center in the nation, the buildings were constructed to minimize the building imprint on the land. The center has been through two major renovations, and each time there has been a focus on environmental conservation.

Since 1988, Kettunen Center has offered environmental education programs .These programs, taught by Kettunen Center staff members, are designed to meet the Michigan Curriculum Framework for science standards and benchmarks.

Green Lodging Steward
Kettunen Center is a certified Green Lodging Michigan (GLM) Steward. Green Lodging Michigan encourages the lodging industry to implement environmental initiatives and cost-saving ‘green' practices to conserve energy, reduce water consumption, protect air quality, reduce waste, and participate in environmentally preferred purchasing.

There are three levels of certification: Partner, Steward and Leader, which can be earned by completing a self-assessment checklist and achieving a minimum number of requirements and points.

In June 2009, Kettunen Center earned Green Lodging Michigan (GLM) Steward certification moving up from the Partner level. Kettunen Center was originally certified in November 2007, and was the first facility to move from Partner to Steward certification.

Environmental Monitoring
In addition to continuing educational trainings, Kettunen Center program staff members participate in several volunteer environmental monitoring programs (Citizen Scientists) to support a sustainable and healthy natural environment.